Saturday, 16 January 2010


Darling Anna introduced me to BookSneeze the other day. BookSneeze is a website which will send you books for free, and asks only for you to write a 200(+) word review and post it on your blog in return. I've signed up, and requested my first book. I'm really excited about reading something new and writing my first review for BookSneeze!

I review for BookSneeze

I am very preoccupied at the moment, which explains the lack of posting. I did my first work shift of the New Year on Thursday, and have been in every day since. Apart from tomorrow, I will be in every day next week too, but thankfully have the following weekend off. After that, I begin lectures again, and will take on fewer hours, because my assignments will take the main priority.

Other than that, my spare time has been spent working on my dissertation. I haven't actually written anything, but I've done a lot of reading, and note taking.

I found out earlier that Spud will return for a visit three weeks today. This piece of news has really spurred me on! Hope you're all having a happy weekend, peeps!


Mariel said...

Oh cool! I'm definitely signing up! :D

Kess said...

I think you'll like what you see! :)