Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Book of Tomorrow

The Book of Tomorrow is Cecelia Ahern's latest novel, and like the other six, best described as a page-turner.

Sixteen year old Tamara is spoilt and rude, but her luxurious lifestyle is turned rapidly upside down when her father dies, leaving her and her mother in debt. As their belongings are repossessed, they are forced to leave Dublin and their mansion, complete with swimming pool and private beach, and live in the country with Uncle Arthur and Auntie Rosaleen.

As Tamara adjusts to her new life, she stumbles across a diary that will change her perspective of the world, and help her to solve the many mysteries harboured by her new neighbourhood...

Set in contemporary Ireland, Ahern sews a few seeds of magic to animate her plot and characters, and warm her readers. She has clearly developed her own personal style, one that would not be praised for quality of writing, but certainly her skill of story-telling is outstanding. Ahern's characters and ideas are original, and always presented with a little twist, so that the reader never knows what to expect. I love the way that the mystery of this novel unfolds gradually, and I was left guessing to the very last pages!

And, now, on a different subject, I will reveal to you the answer of last Wednesday's post: Spot the Falsehood.

I wish I could tell you that I do love driving, and that number 6 was the falsehood, but it wasn't. I really do hate driving, but I think this is due to lack of practice immediately after passing my test. Don't worry though; Spud and I will go out driving more when I move nearer to him. He's going to put me on his insurance (and vice-versa) so that we can take it in turns to drive. I'm sure my confidence will increase along with my enthusiasm, when I get out on the roads more.

I can also tell you that number 10 was also true: I am not ticklish at all. It's something I grew out of when I entered my teens. Spud, however, is very ticklish, and I enjoy having this advantage over him!

I can now reveal to you that the falsehood was number 5. I told you that I would choose tea over any alcohol beverage, and this isn't really true. Although I think of tea as being my drink, and probably drink far too much for my own good, I do enjoy going out for a glass of white wine or rose with Dearest Friend from time to time. I am a sensible drinker - far more sensible with alcohol than I am with tea! - and never usually have more than a couple of glasses. Personally, I don't think anything beats a cup of tea brewed at home - it never tastes the same elsewhere - and so when I'm in a cafe, I will often choose hot chocolate or a milkshake for a change (or if it's a pub, a glass of wine). I do go through phases where I feel I've had my fill of tea, and I drink water instead. However, I won't often say no to a cuppa. I am planning to give up tea for lent as I know this is something I will really truly struggle to give up. This will be February's outrageous thing!

Finally, I would like to shout out to my friend from uni, Hannah, who told me today that she's started reading my blog. Hello Hannah!


Anna said...

Did I win did I win did I win>
Did I get it right?
* Does happy dance in anticipation*

Kess said...

Yes, my lovely. You were right :) Well done!



Anna said...

Does another happy dance =)
Oh and Kess,
I love your book reviews.
They are always so well written.
I've ordered yet * another* book
from play.
Like I need one.
* Rolls eyes*

Mariel said...

I love tea! Though there are not a lot to choose from in the stores here. But I gotta say, I love to drink alcoholic beverages occasionally. I consider myself as a social drinker.. And btw, I agree with Anna. Your book reviews are awesome. And I really love the way you write. :)

Kess said...

Thanks Mariel! :) I tend to stick with good old English tea, despite the many options at the supermarket!