Friday, 18 December 2009

Winter Wonderland

The night before last, the snow began to fall, although due to interchangeable showers of snow, sleet and rain, it looked doubtful that we would have little more than an inch of slush. However, as night fell, the snow really set in, and this morning we awoke to a winter wonderland...

Spud and I took his young brother, known here as Little One, out as far as the postbox to post some Christmas cards. Once the task was accomplished, the three of us stepped onto the village green, now covered with a thick white blanket of snow.

Spud taught Little One to make snowballs, and then threw them at me! Behind the camera, I sacrificed all defence in order to take some quality shots. Unfortunately, some of the snowballs were right on target!

I took the above picture by mistake, when I stepped back to dodge a snowball, but you can see the snow that settled on the branches.

Next, the boys decided to build a snowman. I quickly discovered that snow, and woollen, fingerless gloves, really didn't go, and made the decision to continue documenting their work.

Eventually, the beginning of the snowman was almost as big as Little One, and he was struggling to shift it!

While they set to work on rolling a second snowball, for the snowman's torso, I admired the thatched cottages, dusted with snow...

Within a short space of time, our handsome snowman stood complete...

I rummaged around at the base of some trees, and found some branches that would make the perfect arms, and a twig for a mouth...

And Spud donated three pennies for the eyes and nose. He complained that it was the most expensive snowman he had ever built!

We stood around, admiring our handiwork...

And then decided to return home to the warm.


Anna said...

* Sigh*
This was so lovely Kess!
I love the light in your photos and the way the snow lies against the trees ...
Little one is way beyond cute :)
And your baker boy hat is gorgeous!
I tried one on once,
but it just made me look silly lol.

Kess said...

Thank you, Anna. You are a real treasure. Your comments always touch me :)

Little One really is a sweetie. He's hopefully going to be pageboy at our wedding!

Spud calls the hat my Keira Knightly hat, because she wears one just like it in Love Actually! I can't imagine that it would look silly on you!



Bethany Mason said...

Love the pictures and the snowman is so big (especiall with Little One standing next to it); though now I think of it, Little One seems bigger than I remember aswell :D