Monday, 14 December 2009


I see my time away with Spud as being a much needed retreat. Here, the work I've been contending with for the last six weeks, does not exist, and I am adapting to a new, more relaxed routine with the man I love.

The journey here was a good one, and I spent most of it reading for pleasure. I chose two books for the journey, The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks, and Bliss and Other Stories by Katherine Mansfield. I was absorbed for the entirety of journey, and the eight hours (well, seven if you don't include the hour long wait between coaches) seemed to pass very quickly.

It is so good to be reunited with Spud. Although we talk nightly on the phone when we're apart, it really doesn't compare to being together - that goes without saying! That first glimpse of him, following several weeks apart, is something I always hold dear. Suddenly, I was looking at him from across an empty street, that was swarming with pedestrians only a second before. No one, nothing, existed in the space that lay between us. My eyes were only for him. His eyes were only for me. In the seconds it took for us to breach the gap and fall into each others arms, I was struck by so much gratitude to God for giving him to me to love and take care of, as a husband someday.

Yesterday we attended a candle-lit carol service, held in a country church in the middle of nowhere. The church was so beautiful, and something bubbled up within me as I sat in the pew, absorbing the atmosphere, while reading the words of the carols in the dim light.

When the service, followed by rounds of mince pies and mulled wine, finished it was almost dark. It was quiet in the church grounds, and the air smelt crisp and clear. Light shone through the stained glass windows depicting Jesus as a shepherd, surrounded by a flock, and tenderly carrying a lamb. It is an image that stood out from the day.


Anna said...

Oh Kess my sweet one,
what a lovely post!
It was such a tender read.
How long will you be at Spuds?
I loved the part about the church service, the imagery was just wonderful.
You really are the sweetest soul.
And you touch me in a way you will never know.

Sarah said...

Your time with Spud sounds lovely. I wish I could be with my love right now, except I'm not because he didn't want to come and see me this week even though we haven't seen each other in four months.

The candle-lit carol service also sounds very pretty, I am a huge fan of such things :-)

Kess said...

*Anna* Thank you, my lovely :)
I'm staying at Spud's until next Tuesday, and then returning home for Christmas!

*Sarah* I'm sorry you haven't been able to see your love this week :( That's rotten. Hopefully you'll get to see him soon.

The carol service meant so much to me. It was so beautiful and Christmassy!