Friday, 4 December 2009

November Highlights

This post is inspired by Muffins, who had the idea of posting her seven favourite things from last month. You can read her November Favourites right here! I was planning a similar post for 31st December (or around about then) with my highlights from the year, but I enjoyed reading about Muffins' favourites, and thought I would post my own. If you haven't already, pay her a visit!

My November Highlights

(In chronological order)

1. Spud's love letter... Spud's last visit ended very early into November. I had lectures the morning that he returned home, and as I had to leave early, I actually left before he did. However, when I returned home to an empty house, I discovered that he'd left me a beautiful love letter, concealed beneath my duvet cover!

2. Handing in my first assignment was such a relief, although I actually quite enjoyed writing it! Having not written an essay for six months, I felt somewhat out of practice when I got down to attempting this one, but thankfully it began to flow once I got my teeth into it.

3. The Winter's Tale... My regular followers will know that I am a big fan of Shakespeare! Ironically, before last month, I had never seen any of his plays performed live on stage, so when my mum invited me along to see a local performance of The Winter's Tale, one of my favourites, I jumped at the chance. As the play is amongst those that I am studying this semester, it was ideal.

4. Being ill wasn't really a highlight but because both of my parents were poorly too, it was nice having a few days at home, and knowing they were near at hand. Because I work mornings and evenings, and my parents work during the day, sometimes I will start work before anyone else is awake, return home after they've all left for work/school/college, and go back to work before anyone's back from work/school/college. I normally go straight to bed when I return because I'm so exhausted! Consequently, there are occasions when I don't really see my family for a few days! So it was a real treat to have a few days off from my busy routine, and also to spend a bit of time with my parents.

5. New Moon... I went to see the sequel to Twilight on the very day it was released at the cinemas! The film was good, but the highlight for me was going out for the first time with a couple of my classmates. Because I commute to my lectures, it is rare for me to have the opportunity to attend social gatherings. It was really lovely spending a bit of time with friends outside of my lectures, and building up our friendship!

6. The discovery of Dawn of Grace, Sixpence None the Richer's most recent album, was a real highlight. If you hadn't realised I am just slightly obsessed with enjoy their music. Dawn of Grace is a Christmas album, and was released about a year ago. I gave it to my dad last Christmas, but never got round to listening to it myself. So a couple of weeks ago, I borrowed the CD and played it while I was essay writing, and when it came to the end, I played it again. And again. And again... I love it! The album consists of ten Christmas songs, varying from the well-known, traditional carols, to lesser-known compositions that reflect the festivities of this time of year. There are even two that members of the group wrote themselves, and they put their own twist on those they didn't write.

7. Advent Sunday ended November on a good note. I enjoyed a day off work, and was able to do one or two things I've wanted to do in a while including some baking! We lit our first advent candle in the evening, and actually ate dinner at the table for once. I'm ashamed to say that this was a real novelty, as normally our dining room table is covered in my parents' planning for work, and it doesn't get cleared away in time for dinner, so we end up 'slumming it' and eating dinner on trays in front of the television. I really enjoyed the conversations we had over dinner. It was a time of real closeness!


Anna said...

This is such a lovely idea!
* Gets thinking cap on*
Have a lovely weekend dearie ,
filled with fairies, princesses and enchanted forests.

Anna said...

Oh and Kess,
how do you do the strikethrough on your text?
Could you do another mini tutorial for me pleese?
Thanks hunny bunny

Kess said...

It took me ages to work that out, my little winter flower. In the end I just typed that paragraph in a word document (there's a button that puts the strike through selected text) and copied it into my blog.
Hope that helps!
Thanks for visiting, as always :)

Muffins said...

Awww... Spud is so sweet! :)

I wanna see at least one of Shakespeare's plays! I've only seen one "real" play (i.e. Those plays that are done by professionals and not by my schoolmates. Haha.) in my 20 years of existence, and that is Giselle (was it by Tchaikovsky? I'm not sure.) It's a ballet, though. But it's really, really pretty. I would love to fly to England to watch Shakespeare's plays! (If I only have enough money. Sigh.) :)
I love Sixpence None the Richer, too, but I thought they disbanded quite a long time ago.
P.S. Nice post, Kess! :)

Kess said...

Wow! I've never seen a ballet before! I bet it was amazing! :)

Yeah, Spud is a sweetie :) I love him to bits!

Yeah, they did disband ages ago, but they get back together at intervals and release a new album. They're going to produce another next year! :D