Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The First Frost

Yesterday, the winter weather seemed to spring upon us suddenly. The temperature had dropped dramatically, and there was that crisp, biting cold in the air that is normally associated with winter.

This morning we awoke to a sprinkling of white upon the cars and the rooftops, the grass glittering in the pale light and crunching underfoot. I am thankful that I haven't had to leave the house at my usual early hour. I noticed that my mother spent some time dispelling the frozen vapour that settled across the car, before setting out.

I'm planning to complete my Christmas shopping this afternoon, when I meet another friend in town. I can't believe we're into December already!


Anna said...

Happy December Ist my sweet one!
Ooh I want to come Christmas shopping with you!
With a cherry on top?
( Have a fabulous day sweetie )

Kess said...

Thank you, my little cherry, and to you too! :)
I wish you could've come too. I didn't go in the end! Friend pulled out at the last minute because she's a poorly girl :(
I decided my time would be better spent essay writing because I can finish my shopping over the weekend.
I am now a quarter of the way into the essay - result!
So the day hasn't been a loss after all...
Hope you're having a lovely day, dearest. How's your foot today?

Carrie said...

The weather took a sudden turn for winter here too. I had to scrape the frost off of the windshield of my car for the first time this morning.

I'm hoping for snow soon. That always makes the cold worthwhile. :)

Happy Christmas shopping!

Kess said...

Thanks Carrie :) Yes, it would be great if we had some snow here! We don't normally get much of a snowfall, but we did in February!