Friday, 18 December 2009

Feature Friday

Today’s victim featured blogger is Ashley of It’s Only Life.

Ashley, as a journalism student, is another fellow writer, who blogs to get her views across to any 'weirdos' as she puts it, who want to listen. Again, I confess myself to be only a recent follower of hers, but one proud to class myself amongst these weirdos! She is happily engaged, and due to be married next year! She also loves Jesus, and is very open about her faith, which is awesome!

Her blog is bright and colourful, instantly appealing, and her style natural and open. She doesn't come across as being shy. Her header is so attractive - a delightful montage of photographs that I think perhaps gives a good summary of who she is.

Her posts are warm and touching, sometimes humorous, often wise and insightful observations of life. Hers is a blog worth reading, and I am sure you will all agree, so get on over there and see for yourself!


Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! You are so sweet! That was the most touching post! Thank you so much! I'm really glad to have "met" you, too! Thank you! I'm so flattered!

Mariel said...

I gotta admit, I'm always excited to read your Feature Fridays cause you feature such nice blogs. ;)

Anna said...

I think Kess will be a famous book reviewer one day,
and invite all of us over for tea and dainty cakes.
At least that's what happens in my dreams.

BryanKoch said...

Really cool to read your review of Ashley's blog. I always like to read good things about her. (I'm the future hubby.)

Kess said...

*Ashley* You're welcome! :)

*Mariel* Thank you :) I'm glad you enjoy my Feature Friday posts.

*Anna* Aw, thank you! Maybe once I've become a novelist myself :) And if that ever happens, of course I'll invite you all over for tea and cakes! :)

*Bryan* Nice to meet you, and glad my review met your approval :)