Friday, 4 December 2009

Feature Friday

Today I will be featuring Unabashed Honesty, and author Mariel. I am a relatively recent follower of Mariel's blog, but already I feel as though I know this charming young lady! :)

Mariel is from the Philippines, which I confess is a part of the world I know very little about! I've learned a few things since following her blog, including the excellent cakes we're missing out on in the UK! (Mariel knows what I'm talking about! Lol). She is an eloquent writer, and a talented photographer!

In correspondence to her chosen title, Mariel's posts are always honest, something which is a real virtue in the blogger world. When I read her blogs, I always get the impression that I'm hearing what she really thinks, which personally I think is great! She is a young woman who has clearly found her natural style and voice, and is not afraid to use it!

Mariel comes across as being a lover of life, and also a friendly, caring girl with, as she puts it, 'a sunny disposition'. If you haven't already, why don't you pay her a visit? I think you will find her blog welcoming and truly delightful!


Anna said...

* Gets coat.*
* And crutches.*
* Hops over to Mariels.*
* Hopes when Kess is a rich and famous book reviewer she will remember her blogger friend, Anna. The poor.

Kess said...

You know I will sweetpea! :)
I think you may just have a dedication coming your way! If I ever get published that is...

Mariel said...

Aww.. You're too sweet Kess. Enough said. *hugs*

Kess said...

You're welcome Mariel :) I think your blog is lovely (as are you), and you deserve some recognition! *Hugs*

Muffins said...

You're right, Kess. Mariel was the first friend I made here and we already clicked the first time we chatted. She puts up with my craziness. Haha. ;)

And may I add that she's also a search engine by herself? She finds a lot of stuff in the Internet and she has saved me countless of times already. I owe her a lot. :)

Mariel said...

Haha! It just so happens that I was a Technical Support Representative so I'm pretty used to searching troubleshooting tips in google. :D

Thank you so much guys. What you say means so much to me. :)