Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas in the Air

The scent of snow was in the air today, riding upon the cold, dry chill that assaulted us every time we left the warmth of a shop, and walked the streets in search of further cover. It is predicted to fall tomorrow afternoon.

'It smells like winter,' I commented, as we walked to the bus stop.

'It smells like Christmas,' Spud replied, with my full agreement.

Yesterday evening, at dinner, he lit the advent candle, and afterwards, we switched out the light and remained sitting at the table, several of us, for what felt like hours, talking and laughing. Eventually, we decided to decorate the tree, which was bare apart from its 240 lights, flashing in the darkness of the living room.

We adorned the branches with baubles, and Spud's youngest brother, just two and a half, helped too. The evidence lies in the lower branches, where the majority of the decorations have congregated, but I lifted the little one up to reach the higher ones, feeling both maternal and broody.

Now that the busyness of life is on hold, temporarily, I have begun to enjoy myself, and feel the excitement of Christmas heavy in the air. And also the anticipation of the future. Next year, 2010, will bring about some new changes, changes that I am beginning to feel ready for. But for the moment, I am going to enjoy the here and now. There is so much to look forward to...


Anna said...

Hello little one :)
We are so tuned in to each other!
I've just written about twenty ten too!
Ooh the excitement of snow!
I read that it has to dip down to - four tomorrow night!
Glad you are having a wonderful time my sweet.

Kess said...

Thank you, my lovely.

No snow, as of yet. Just rain, typical rain, but never mind.