Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Carrie's First Annual Blogging Bash

I spent some time selecting my outfit, and in the end decided on this:

Of course, my date will just have to be my hunky fiancé, Spud - who else? Lol.

As for transportation, I think Spud would just love to arrive in style, in his Sinclair C5 (over my dead body!) but as it's a one-seater that's not really practical. I think realistically we will be boring and go by car.

I can never go to a party without bringing something along with me, and so I spent some of my free time whipping up a carrot cake, especially for the occasion!

Happy Blogging Birthday Carrie of [carrotspeak.]!

And also, many happy returns to my friend Emily, who celebrates her birthday today!


Anna said...

You baked a carrot cake???? Wow you are the best kess , Really you are . Loved your outfit too! Aml Anna xxx

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness! That cake is the cutest thing I've ever saw! :)

Thanks so so soooo much for participating, Kess. It really made my day. ;)

Sarita said...

Lovely dress, and it's wonderful to see you at the party! :)

Sarah said...

i think i have fallen in love with that cake. it is sooo awesome!

Mariel said...

The cake looks delicious! You really are sweet Kess. :D

Kess said...

*Anna* Thank you! I got the recipe from here:



*Carrie* You're welcome! Thank you for inviting me :) I had so much fun!

*Sarita* Thank you. Lovely to meet you too!

*Sarah* Thank you. I had so much fun making it. Great meeting you!

*Mariel* Thanks! It really was! :)