Wednesday, 9 December 2009

8 or 10?

Here's a question for all you blogger experts out there:

I have 8 followers that are visible on my blog, but according to my dashboard I have 10. Does this mean that blogger is malfunctioning, or does it mean that I have 10 followers, two of which are anonymous? If it is the latter, then I haven't heard from the two anonymous followers.

I finished one assignment last night, the one which has been preoccupying most of my spare time for the last fortnight. With that one out of the way, the pressure has lessened slightly, even though I have two more assignments to complete before January. I even found some time to do some baking today. You will hear more about my culinary creation next week! :)

Oh, and finally, I would like to shout out to my friend Matty, who emailed me the other day to say he had been reading my blog:

Hi Matty! Welcome to The Passing Place! Thanks for stopping by. Come and visit whenever you like!

The day after tomorrow, work and lectures will be over until January, and I will be packing, excitedly anticipating my reunion with Spud the following day...


Muffins said...

I think the other two are following you privately, Kess. When you follow someone, there are 2 options: follow publicly and follow privately.

When you follow publicly, you will appear in the list of followers and when you follow privately, you get updates from the blog you follow but your profile will not be included in the list of followers. :)

P.S. Have a nice day! :)

Kess said...

Thanks for enlightening me Muffins! :) That's a big help!

Hope you have a nice day too!

Anna said...

Oooh Anonymous followers!
How lovely.
Secret admirers :)
Hope you are having a fantastic day cupcake.
Bet you are sueaking with happiness at the thought of seeing Spud.
Will you be gone long?
And will you be able to post on your blog?
* Shivers * :(

Kess said...

Thanks Anna, sweetie :) Hope you are having a lovely day too.
I'll be away for 10 days, but don't worry, I won't be absent from the blogging world :)
It's really touching to be appreciated :D

Sarah said...

I tend to agree - maybe you have some secret admirers! Or maybe they're just shy and don't want you to know they're following you.

I'm glad you finished your assignment! Congrats! I know that I always feel awesome when I get something done.

I'm so glad you get to see your fiance the day after the day after tomorrow. I still have to wait another 5 days to see mine :-(

Keep up the good work! I love reading your blog!

Kess said...

Thanks so much Sarah! :) I love reading your blog too! I've truly found another kindred spirit in you!

I'm sure the next 5 days will fly by. Just think, you'll be with him soon! :) I can't believe you've had to endure 4 months apart! :(