Saturday, 7 November 2009

Waking Up Slowly

Today I have a full day off, my first since Tuesday. I've only been awake an hour, and I can't remember the last time I slept in beyond 8 o' clock. I don't generally sleep in late, but I feel today the extra hours have done me good. I've been feeling very tired recently.

I will continue work on my essay today, although I am now 600 words in. It is the first essay I have written in 6 months so I'm a little rusty at the moment! I also want to work on my 4,000 word creative writing project, so that I have new material to bring to my Monday morning workshops each week. This Monday we have a visitor taking the seminar: author Monique Roffey. I have just read her most recent novel, The White Woman on the Green Bicycle and it was very interesting.

My father is participating in a half-marathon today, and so I know that while I work my thoughts will be miles away, perhaps even jogging along beside him! He hasn't done quite the preparation he hoped to do beforehand, but the course is considerably flatter than the one he runs in at the beginning of May. I think he'll be fine. Here's a shout for him:


Despite the work, I'm hoping to go and see some fireworks tonight with my mother, as I worked for the entirety of Guy Fawkes Night. Because the students I work with are visually impaired, most of them don't like fireworks because of the bangs, and they can hardly appreciate the light, colours and shapes, because they can't see them! I think some of them are going to a display tonight though because there will be food and rides for them to enjoy, and of course, the whole atmosphere!

Spud went to Lewes for Bonfire Night, where the displays are really spectacular! He went last year too and said that the fireworks were even better this time. There is also an enormous bonfire and a torchlight procession - it's really quite dangerous because amidst the flaming torches, they carry various effigies stuffed full of gunpowder! Spud says it's a must-see, and has promised to take me in the future, maybe even next year!


Anna said...

What a lovely post, Kess.
I walked around the bookstores today and every copy
of Jane Eyre spoke your name to me.
Hope your dad's muscles aren't too sore tonight!
Ooh Guy Fawkes and bonfire night..
how lovely.
Where is Lewes?
Hope you have had a lovely day my cupcake

Kess said...

Hello my sunshine!
Lewes is the capital of Sussex. Apparently it is famous for the bonfire night celebrations there, but I'd never about this until Spud went for the first time!
Dad enjoyed the half-marathon but said it was probably his worst because he didn't get to do all the training he needed. He's decided that that's his last and he'll focus on 10k runs from now on.
Unfortunately it rained so we didn't go to the firework display in the end :( Never mind, there's always next year!

Anna said...

Oh the joy of living in the sunny UK, eh?
I want to live in a place like Vermont
( bloved and I were there two years ago this month.)
It has all the fantastic New England colours, it's bitterly cold, but its DRY cold.
I loved it.
This was my favourite town, full of white churches with picket fences and pumpkins on the doorsteps.

Kess said...

It looks gorgeous, Anna :)
What a spectacular place to live in!
I think I may just have to add it to my list of places I want to visit!