Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Guess who has flu... I suppose it was unavoidable with the epidemic at work, and now my father and mother poorly too. I'm feeling a little sorry for myself, but I am a slightly better now than I was first thing this morning. I woke up with a headache so intense that I could do little more than lie helplessly in bed, praying for it to go away. Thankfully the paracetamol has kicked in now, and for the last hour I have been able to sit up in bed and read. I've decided to work on my essay now, while I feel able.

I had to cancel a Christmas shopping trip planned for today with dearest friend, and I may miss my work shifts tomorrow and Thursday, because I just have to be better for Friday! I really don't want to miss New Moon!

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Bethany Mason said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling too great - get lots of rest and I hope you are better soon.


Kess said...

Thanks Bethany! Hope you are keeping well yourself!


Anna said...

Oh and as a given, hugs from me. :-)) xxxxx

Kess said...

Thank you Anna :-) I love hugs!


Muffins said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you got sick. Are you feeling better now? *hugs*

And oh, have you seen New Moon already? How was it? Team Jacob or Team Edward? Haha. My friend and I are probably going to watch it tomorrow or on Tuesday, I don't know. We still don't get to agree on when we're going to see it! ;)

Kess said...

Thanks Muffins! *Hugs back* Yep, I'm feeling a lot better now. I was able to work this evening!

New Moon was awesome! :) I'm Team Edward, although I prefer him in the book than I do the film. Which Team are you? Hope you get to see the film soon!

Muffins said...

Wow, my reply is so late, as always. Sorry about that. :)

It's good you're well now, Kess. I was Team Edward before. But when the first movie came out, I didn't know what team I was (Haha). But now, I think I'm Team Jacob? I love Taylor Lautner! Uhm, is he really dating Taylor Swift??? *insert sad face here* But yeah, you're right. Edward is way better in the books. :)