Sunday, 22 November 2009

Overcoming Inhibitions

I've been driving for three years now, but it's something I don't really enjoy. It's one of those things that I feel brings out the worst in some people, and I just can't understand the lack of patience and consideration on the roads! Perhaps it's something that can be put down to the anonymity of driving, that some people feel they can behave in such a way and get away with it (something similar can be said of the anonymous networking site, Omegle). The displays of rudeness, selfishness and thoughtlessness I see on the roads these days never cease to amaze me!

Anyway, I am a cautious driver, and have always lacked confidence on the road, but I think that's due to the fact that I have less incentive to take the car out at the moment, and therefore don't often increase my confidence by going out and practising. In fact, I only tend to take the car out when Spud is down visiting, because we go out together and visit places further a field than I normally would when he's not here. I have always felt I am poor at parking, and have gotten into the habit of getting Spud to instruct me when I am manoeuvring into a space. It's a bad habit because it keeps me from practising myself. Consequently, I have always believed that I am not good at parking.

However, I proved myself wrong last night. I drove home from work, and as I was unable to park outside my house, I had to park further down the road, and parallel park into a space between two cars. I could get into the space without a problem. It's the straightening up that I find a struggle as the car I drive does not have power steering, thus making the manoeuvre more of an effort! Indeed, I was sweating by the time I felt I was in close enough to the curb. 'That'll have to do,' I muttered, switching off the engine. I stepped out of the car to observe what was probably my best parallel park ever! I was in close enough to the curb, and the car couldn't have been straighter!

I realised then that I can do it, and that is the first step to becoming the more confident driver that I want to be! I was so excited I actually considered ringing Spud, and saying, 'you'll never guess what I've just done all by myself!' I don't really know why I am posting this story, but it was a small triumph of mine and I just had to share it. I suppose it tells you a little about me, and perhaps it's even made you smile.


Anna said...

Oh yes,
all of that and more!
I love stories of triumph. They inspire me on
to greater things.
I agree too Kess, the amount of rudeness out there
on the roads is mind boggling.
It's for that reason alone, I drive like a snail.
And drive my family nuts. :)

Anna said...

Ooh love the photo too!
Soooo creative!

Kess said...

Thanks Anna :)
I'm glad my story inspired you.