Friday, 27 November 2009

No Time To Blog

I keep reminding myself that I am just two weeks away from the end of term, but when I acknowledge just how much I have to do in that time, the holidays feel just out of reach. This last week has been a busy one, and I've reached the end feeling rushed off my feet. Tonight I am low, tired, and overwhelmed.

I seem to be working constantly! If I haven't been reading through the twelve library books I took out this week, or working on my creative writing assignment, then I've been at work, and we are so understaffed at the moment there is always a task at hand, a student to deal with. This week I've been learning to master the art of juggling!

Thankfully, this weekend I will be getting some much needed rest! I have no work hours until Wednesday because the students have gone home for the exeat weekend. Although I intend to use my time productively, I am also looking forward to enjoying a lie-in, and being able to pace myself, instead of glancing frequently at the clock and counting down the hours/minutes until I have to be in work again.

This is why I have been less able to blog recently. It hasn't been a bad week, but I have been on-the-go most of the time, and now I am completely worn out!


Muffins said...

Only two weeks to go? Wow, that's usually the busiest time for students. A little juggling is good, but you still need to relax, Kess. :)

Anna said...

I agree with Muffins Kess.
Take it easy this weekend.
Bake cookies!
* Hugs and hops*

Kess said...

You're both right!
And, Anna, I love your idea of baking cookies! I might just do that tomorrow! :)