Monday, 16 November 2009

Hearing Voices

Two posts tonight - what a treat! The essay is almost complete. Three hundred words to go. It's reached the point where I'm enjoying it so. But for now there's so much to do. There'll be another soon... Did you notice the rhyming? :)

There has been a terrible outbreak of flu at work. I've stayed well so far, but many of the residential students have returned home because they have been so poorly, and I learned today that many staff have succumbed. My poor father struggled in this morning to set up for the day as he's a tutor there, and once he was sure that all could be managed without him, he returned home again. I haven't seen him this unwell for a while. I could be next...

My poor novel has been terribly neglected recently due to shortage of time, and the unfortunate, although practical ordering of priorities. I've had to cast it aside for now, although I can rest assured, knowing that it is not an abandoned project. I am aware, even subconsciously, I am very engaged with it, and I still find myself hearing the voices of my main characters.

It is not uncommon for writers to hear the voices of their characters. It's by no means a hallucination, but a sign that they're beginning to get to know their character. Before you write about a character, you have to get to know them. You have to understand them, and even identify with them, so that you can make them believable, lifelike. I always begin the invention of a new character by creating a profile and learning about every aspect of them. Whenever I start to hear my character's voice, I believe my character is becoming more defined. Whenever I am working with a new idea for a story, character is the first element I explore, because I find that as the main characters evolve, their stories begin to emerge.

Sometimes I feel as though my characters are crying out to me for their story to be told. I can't wait to share it with you because it has become something so personal. I am so excited about introducing you to Imogen, who is the main protagonist of my novel. I am so determined to do this now. I want to prove myself. I truly hope I will someday.

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Anna said...

This was fantastic ( like buy one, get one free day !:))
I loved both posts, and you and Spud looked the part with the baby :)
I loved * The secret garden * too.
Now I want to watch it again.
keep well and flu fee my sweet.

Muffins said...

Kess, I am so excited to get hold of your book! I'll make sure to buy it once it hits the shelves. I'm sure you're going to be a good novelist, since you write very, very well. :)

Muffins said...

Oh, and yeah, I love The Secret Garden too. It's kinda surprising to know that those kids are now very much older. :)

Kess said...

Thank you for your kind comments Muffins :) I don't think it'll be published for a long time yet. I'm still only on the first draft, and have so much editing to do before I even think of sending it to any publishing companies. If you're lucky I may feature a taster on here at some point :)