Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Halfway Mark

Today I succeeded in writing another 500 words, thus reaching the halfway mark for my essay and sailing beyond. I have just another 1,000 words to write and then I'm done. It's not going badly for a 'first essay back', and I'm finding my chosen topic fairly engaging.

Talking of halfway marks, I reached another recently. This time last week I was more or less exactly halfway through this semester, which in effect means that I am a quarter of the way through my final year of studying. It's quite scary the rate at which time is passing. I suffered a 'five minute freak-out' the other night when I was looking at jobs online. I don't know yet what I'd like to do, other than write of course! I'm hoping for a well-paying, Monday to Friday, 9-5 job, and most importantly of all, one that I enjoy! Any ideas?

It has been a drab day here, wet and cold, and I've been thankful not to have an excuse to venture outside. My mother has prepared my favourite meal for dinner - beef stew and dumplings, just the ticket for a day like today!

About the Author

(This is a new scheme I've decided to introduce, whereby I end each post with a random fact about myself, namely, the author of this blog)

- I met children's author, Jacqueline Wilson when I was ten. Ironically, this was the first time I'd ever heard of her!


Anna said...

Hey sweetpea :)
Lovely post as ever,
beef stew and dumplings

Kess said...

Thanks lovely :)
The stew was delicious!
Will post soon!