Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Gift

I have spent most of the day laid up on the sofa reading this book:

This was the last ever thing I bought from Woolworth's, during the final week before its closure. The book cost me a third of the retail price in the sale. As I purchased it after Christmas, and had so much else to read for my course, I put it back for the weeks approaching Christmas 2009.

Having avidly read Cecelia Ahern's previous novels, I was not disappointed by The Gift. Lou Suffern is a successful businessman, working at all costs to secure his longed-for promotion. A chance encounter with a homeless man, Gabe, proves to be a turning point in his life. Over the course of a week Gabe shows Lou the value of time, and the things in life that are so much more important than what he has previously been striving for. As Lou's eyes are gradually opened, and Christmas draws ever nearer, Lou realises that he must drastically reorder his priorities. But the question is: will he be in time?

For me, this was certainly a book that I couldn't put down. The only reason I read it in two sittings was because I started it yesterday evening, but I picked it up immediately this morning, and spent the rest of the day reading it. The story is deeply philosophical, and full of surprises. Set in contemporary Dublin, Ahern sews a few of her magical seeds, bringing the novel to life. This is a heart-warming tale, one that I can guarantee will make you laugh and cry, and also make you think. Definitely a recommended read!


Anna said...

Oh no!
I'll let you into a little secret.
I've never actually read any of Cecila Aherns books.
I have always had an aversion to books that look remotely like * Chick Lit.*
I think this makes me a book snob.
But now that you have written this ( totally brilliant review...)
Well, I will just have to get it!
And if you, who are majoring in English liked it,
then so will I!
( We have so many other fave authors it's bound to
work )
Happy Thursday kitten

Bethany Mason said...

I'm so glad you wrote this post as I actually read a review of the book and was considering buying it for you as a Christmas present - proof that I'll be able to find something perfect for you when I get around to it (don't worry, I had another suggestion in my head, so you haven't ruined my plans).

Kess said...

I like chick lit that conveys something different. I won't waste my time with some of it though, as it can be a bit repetitive. And I most definitely won't read Mills and Boons, so maybe that makes me a book snob too!
While Cecelia Ahern's books are correctly classed as chick lit, she does provide some refreshingly new ideas, some of which are quite philosophical and really make you think.
Let me know if you like it!
Lots of love,

Sorry to foil your plans! Good job I posted that review, wasn't it!
Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Muffins said...

Hi Kess!

I love Cecelia Ahern's books! I'm not sure this one's available in our country though. :(

Kess said...

She's such a great writer, isn't she?

Let's hope they release it in your country soon. It's a shame for you too miss out. She's got a new one out now called The Book of Tomorrow :)

According to Wikipedia they're making three more of her books into films!

Mariel said...

Nice review! I haven't read any of Ahern's books yet but I'm going to do it soon. :) I just wish it gets released here in our country.

Muffins said...

Oh really? I love Gerard Butler in the movie version of P.S. I Love You. I'm just not a fan of Hilary Swank. But those other movies ought to be good! :)

Btw, I found out today that our local bookstore have it already. I just don't have the money to buy it yet. :(

Mariel: Check out National Bookstore. It's about P299. :)

Mariel said...

Oh cool! I think I'm gonna buy one soon. Or better yet, I'll include it in my wishlist then wait for someone to give it to me. lol. Thanks Muffins. :)