Friday, 13 November 2009

Feature Friday

This afternoon it gives me great pleasure to present to you Beyond the Misty Stars, and the blog's authoress, Anna!

I stumbled upon Beyond the Misty Stars unexpectedly, but was completely smitten after reading the first post, and just had to follow. Anna is quite a character and a real gem; such a loving and caring person, someone who sees and appreciates the beauty in the world around her, and someone who truly treasures her friends. She welcomes all her visitors, old and new, inviting one and all into her world. I have found in her a friend and kindred spirit. We have both speculated the possibility of us being long lost sisters!

Beyond the Misty Stars is heartwarming and absolutely delightful. Anna's style of writing is lyrical, her words and the images they conjure flowing across the page. Her posts are both thought-provoking and soothing; a breath of fresh air. She is a lover of pretty things, and her beautiful words are accompanied by the most stunning photographs.

Have a cup of tea on the house and visit Anna. Read her words, appreciate her pictures, and listen to her song of the day. I'm sure in no time at all you'll find yourself captivated not only by Beyond the Misty Stars, but also Anna herself!


Anna said...

Oh Kess.....
* Blushes furiously * :))
You have brought tears to my eyes tonight!
In the nicest way, of course.
I've never really had a blog award before...
and tonight as I re~ read what I had written I thought
* This is hopeless!*
That was because when I write, I always write the
first words that come into my head.
For your support, your lovely comments,
and most of all,
for just being you.
Nighty night little 'sis :))

Kess said...

Awww, you're most welcome! You truly deserve a blog award Anna!
I wanted to do something to thank you for being such an ace follower, and faithful friend (and big sis *smiles*).
I don't suppose I will draw you much publicity, but if anyone stumbles upon my humble blog, then hopefully this post will send them in your direction where they are bound to settle!
You are a talented individual, and a truly beautiful person. You are one of a kind and very special.

Anna said...

* Sobs with gratitude *
Thanks Kess :)))