Friday, 6 November 2009

Feature Friday

I don't have much to say tonight, so I've decided that for the next three Fridays I am going to showcase the blogs of my followers, starting with Bethany Mason and her blog Empty Thoughts, Rewritten. If you haven't already, go on over and check out her page!

Bethany is a budding writer, and in the second year of a degree in creative writing. She was also my first ever follower and the only active follower of my previous blog. Writing isn't the only common ground between Bethany and me. She has several interests akin to mine.

Don't be deceived by the title. Bethany's thoughts aren't empty in the least! She describes her blog as 'a place of discussions, reflections and ramblings on life, writing and everything'. Although her main topic is writing, Bethany often draws discussion points from her own everyday experiences, and many of her posts have really made me think! She is a speculative writer, and quietly presents her view for her readers to challenge or accept.

Bethany's musings are easily accessible, and I can definitely see her becoming a professional writer someday! Bethany, I wish you the very best of luck!


Anna said...

Skips over to check Bethany's blog right away :)

Bethany Mason said...

Thank you so much Kess for this post - it has made a huge difference to my day (so much so that I am going to start blogging all about it right now)

Kess said...

*Bethany* You're most welcome :)
I'm really glad this post made a difference to your day.
Sounds like it came at just the right time!
Hang in there!
Hope things pick up for you soon!

*Anna* Thanks for checking out Bethany's blog! I'm sure that's made her day too.

You're both stars!