Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Here To Serve

On windy days, I am reminded strongly of God. Like the wind, our Phenomenal Life-Giver cannot be seen, at least not by the human eye. However, we know when the wind is present because we can see objects being lifted by a gust, tree branches swaying in a breeze. We can hear it howling down the chimney at night, and we can feel it blowing in our face and hair. The wind has the power to wreak devastation and shape the land. Likewise, God has the power to transform our lives and change them radically.

We can experience God in different ways. Each day I see the way God has shaped my life through the prayers He has answered (not always in my favour); the situations and people He has sent my way; the talents and skills He has given me in order to make a difference; the purpose and plans He has for me...

I am three-quarters of the way through a course at church called Network Revised, which focuses on the self-discovery of the Spiritual Gifts God has given us. Now that I can see my strengths, I have begun to wonder where and in what ways God wants me to serve.

It struck me during yesterday's meeting that I don't often write about my faith on my blog, and I feel compelled to create a second blog dedicated to this. I already have several ideas, including the title which I think will be Here To Serve. I will continue to post here at The Passing Place, and at the moment I haven't the time to create blog number two, but watch this space.


Anna said...

how do you know it's all true?

Kess said...

Because God has proved Himself to me, and I truly experience His presence in my life.
It all makes sense to me and I just know in my heart.
My life was transformed for the better when I started to believe.
I think if I hadn't I might have given up completely.


Anna said...

Wish I could believe.