Sunday, 29 November 2009

Especially For Advent

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, and I decided to start a new tradition by getting up early and doing some baking before church. I made a batch of gingerbread men and gingerbread hearts, deciding to make at least six of each: one for each immediate member of my family (myself and Spud included). I've decided this is a tradition I will continue each year.

It has rained steadily all day, and also been extremely cold, but I opened my curtains to a glimpse of golden sunshine, and consequently a rainbow. I leaned out of my window to take a photograph, and got soaked in the process, although it was worth it!

After church I iced five of my gingerbread men, and five of the hearts for us all to eat tonight when we light the first Advent candle. I have placed the sixth gingerbread man and a gingerbread heart in a box. I want to preserve them, and deliver them to Spud when I see him in just under a fortnight!

As today is the first Sunday of Advent, here is a seasonal song that has been going round my head all week:


Anna said...

Oh this is simply adorable Kess!
What a heart rending post.
Your gingerbread men are beyond cute! I love their
happy, smiley, faces!
I forgot this was the first Sunday of Advent.
* Hops into kitchen to get candle*

Mariel said...

Those look so cute and yummy! How I wish I was there so that I can get one. :D Sixpence None The Richer's rendition of "Silent Night" adds a nice touch. Happy Advent!

Kess said...

Happy Advent to you both!
Thanks for your comments :)
The gingerbread men were delicious!

Muffins said...

Wow, I love those cookies! They look soooo cute! Oh, I wish I could bake! ;)