Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I have so much to do, so much to keep me occupied over the next six weeks until I see Spud again!

My first assignment deadline is in three weeks time - a 2,500 word essay for my Shakespeare and the Renaissance module. There seems to be no end to the reading I have to do, and I must continue to work on my piece for creative writing so that I have something new to bring to the workshop each week!

The dissertation does not currently exist as an ominous presence, as so far I have only been encouraged to research, and begin formulating a plan. I only have to submit 2,000 words in January, and my supervisor assured me that provided I have the research I need, the writing will be all downhill.

And then there are work commitments. We are so understaffed at the moment that I have been signed up for regular shifts, which means I will have to balance my time well in order to keep on top of everything else.

This time of year is always busy. Aside from these pressures I also have Christmas shopping to finish, but I've made a fairly good start already.

I know that in the midst of all this, there will be time to stop, reflect and daydream; time for friends and family; time to wrap up warm and walk in the wind, to feel the force of it in my hair; time to watch a film or listen to a favourite piece of music; time to stop here and pour out my heart...

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Bethany Mason said...

I know exactly how you feel and am holding on to the hope that I will still have a chance to do all those things you mention in the last paragraph without the guilt of knowing I could have been doing work/research/writing etc.