Monday, 9 November 2009

Bonfire Night

Unfortunately, the rain prevented us from attending the firework display we had proposed to go and see on Saturday night. I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed, as it was after all my last Bonfire Night in my home town, but at the same time, my usual tradition ended three years ago.

Up until last year, a college just down the road from our house would host a firework display on Guy Fawkes Night, and charge an extortionate amount for entry. Every year, I watched this firework display with my family, but we cheated. As we live on top of the a hill, we would stroll just along the road to the back fields where we could get the best view of the display, and it was free! We were joined by many of our neighbours who had also cottoned on to this.

We would prepare a flask of chicken soup, and a hamper of hot dogs, fresh from the oven and wrapped in foil to retain the heat, and bring these along with us to eat while we watched the display. It would take a further ten minutes for us to dress up in hats and scarves to keep us warm. We had a bag full of winter woollies, and would spend some time selecting our attire from that.

Once we were ready we would stroll along the road, and assemble ourselves in the field (the very same field where Spud proposed to me). The loudspeaker was so loud in the valley below, that we could hear it from the hilltop, although it was difficult to discern what the speaker was saying. Eventually the first firework would rise into the air, and explode in a burst of light and colours. We would all be held spellbound for a further twenty minutes. It was a personal highlight for me each year...

That's what Bonfire Night meant to me.

Three years ago, only my father and I ventured out, I think because my mother and brothers were inflicted by colds, and my brothers were losing interest as it was.

Two years ago I had just started my degree and was living in university accommodation. I attended the local display there with my flatmates.

Last year I was living at home, and although I saw the display I had watched all through my childhood, it was from the actual venue. I watched in the company of a group of friends I had made during sixth-form, and they were determined to pay the price and watch it from the ground, despite my insistence that they could have a better view for free! We had fun though. It was the last year that display was held, because the college was being knocked down, thus ending tradition.


Anna said...

Hello my little M & M :)
This post was utterly charming Kess.
Now I'm hungry for chicken soup AND hot dogs.

I had a bad migraine in work today, and it's Bloved's
birthday tomorrow.
We went out for tea to a place we like to eat,
it's buy one get one meal free on Mondays!
I wasn't very good company as I've still a lot
going on at home.
Having a nice cup of tea in bed now
and reading your blog?
The highlight of my day!
Much love darling

Kess said...

Hello sweetie :)
I'm so sorry to hear about your migraine :( They are horrible aren't they? Spud had one the other day.
I hope you are feeling much better and refreshed today after a good night's sleep.
And happy birthday to bloved!
I'm glad you liked my post. I was feeling quite nostalgic.
Much love to you sugarplum,