Thursday, 15 October 2009

Restlessly Waiting

There's so much I could've done today, but I've been far too distracted and really unable to settle to one task for long. I spent a couple of hours messing about with my blog after work this morning, time that I could've spent note taking from my library books in view of my dissertation plan, or working on the creative writing presentation I have to give on Monday. I know that it is going to be more difficult to do these tasks when Spud is here with me.

After lunch I 'half' washed my hair - there was no conditioner left - and did try and work on my presentation, but I don't feel I achieved very much, other than locate a page I want to read out from Life of Pi, my chosen subject of the presentation. I managed to finish taking notes from another of my library books, hardly an achievement considering I had just ten pages left to scan through!

I pumped up the air-bed and tidied my room to accommodate it, making space for Spud's belongings. I've unrolled the sleeping bag and laid it out on the air bed with an assortment of pillows and cushions. I've even put his slippers at the foot of his bed. Every time I glance at this arrangement I feel so excited. I'm down to the final two hours now before he arrives...

The question is: what to do? I hate time-wasting, even if it is for a good cause, namely, my fiance whom I haven't seen in a month will be here in two hours! To think had things not worked out the way that they did, I would be waiting another three or four weeks before seeing him again! Maybe I'll use this time to edit my novel!


Anna said...

Ok ok.
A new header.
A new Bio pic.
( Did anyone tell you recently that you are GORGEOUS?
You remind me of the actress Anne Hathaway
Spud is lovely too,
Oh what a joyful post this was.
Forget the books.
Enjoy love, life, laughter and the falling stars.
Love you sweetie.

Kess said...

Aww, thanks Anna!
I'm really touched, and flattered to be compared to the beautiful Anne Hathaway.
It's really awesome having Spud around for a while.
Love you too my blogspot sister!