Saturday, 10 October 2009

Purple Fingers

This afternoon I enjoyed a reprieve from what has been a productive day off. I pushed the Shakespeare, library books, notebook and pen to one side, and set out with my father to enjoy the autumn sunshine.

We brought along an ice cream tub, and shortly we were tugging blackberries from their stalks and depositing them into the container with a satisfying thud. The brambles snagged our fingers, stained purple with blackberry juice. It reminded me of the ink which had earlier worked its way on to my fingers while I was taking notes on Charlotte Brontë.

In my mind I had prospects of apple and blackberry crumble, and homemade blackberry jam. As we walked through the familiar fields, those fields of home, countless memories leapt from the bushes, from the very views, and confronted me.

I was forced to realise this was probably the last time I would pick blackberries with my father, but the warming sunshine cured my heartache before it could take hold. Instead, I enjoyed the precious time with him, seizing the moment, one that I will treasure for always; one that will always be conjured up whenever I am served apple and blackberry crumble.


Anna said...

Hallo darling :)
you have quite made my heart ache,
with these poignant, memory inducing words.
I think I love you.
And want to adopt you.
Thank you for sharing the sacredness that
was your Sunday.

Kess said...

Thank you Anna :)
I love you too, and I am in awe of the beautiful words you write.
They are one of the things that makes each day.
Hope you have had a happy Monday!


Muffins said...

Hi Kess! This entry made me cry, you know? I;ve been living a fast-paced life and I used to let moments pass by without enjoying them. And home also reminds me to breathe and take things slow, and most importantly, to be with people who matter.

Oh, how I miss home! :)

Kess said...

Hi Muffins!
How true! How very true! These moments are for treasuring...
I know I will miss home too when I leave. There really is no place like home!
Thank you for your words :) I hope you're okay!