Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Other Morning

Spud laughed out loud in his sleep, something I have never witnessed before, and laughingly I asked him, 'what are you laughing at?' I regret to say that woke him, and he recounted for me a bizarre dream that his sleeping self had found amusing.

We have been busy. Our time together is becoming short, and rapidly dwindling. We have just five days left. On Monday he will return home, sitting distractedly on a coach, while I sit distractedly in a classroom, our two minds far away from the situation. Perhaps they will meet somewhere on their travels.

This week we have been rediscovering bus travel because unfortunately my father misplaced the single set of car keys, and they have vanished without a trace. Yesterday Spud and I sat on the top deck of a bus, surrounded by pensioners, all of us in search of shops and sea. It was a beautiful day, probably the best we've had in the last fortnight.

We glimpsed the sea and began our Christmas shopping. Spud managed to buy about 8 presents - one of them was for me! A local gift shop was closing down, and all stock was reduced to insanely low prices. We found the perfect gifts for our loved ones. And I found a beautiful pair of angel wings to complete my outfit for the New Years Eve fancy dress night we will be attending. I want to go as

This morning I pulled down the Delia Christmas book and jotted down the ingredients I need. Spud and I are going to make the Christmas cake on Friday. We made last year's, and it's something I wanted us to do together before he returns home. We are off to the cinema again today, this time to see
The Invention of Lying. My brother Matt is spending the day in hospital, receiving various x-rays to investigate his small bowel. He hasn't been allowed to eat anything for the last 24 hours and had to take a form of laxative in preparation, poor old chap. He has put in orders for a giant pizza from Pizza Hut as a treat this evening.


Anna said...

this is spooky!
I am going tomorrow to collect the ingredients to make Nigellas Christmas Cake!
Can I ask, is it nice?
I've never used her recipe before.
I hope Matt is ok.
Poor guy...
hope all went well with the procedure.
Pizza Hut... hmmmmmm

Kess said...

That is spooky!
Delia's cake has always worked for us, and it always comes out well!
Maybe we should swap recipes for next year!
I think the procedure went okay, although they made him take some sort of fluid and he couldn't keep it down.
I don't think it was a walk in the park for him but he enjoyed his giant pizza!