Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Moments of Bliss

Bliss is...

Stepping out of the shower with newly washed hair
Spending the whole day in pyjamas
Opening the first page of a brand new book
The aroma of Christmas cake cooking in the oven
Walking at night

A square of chocolate melting in the mouth
Sleeping in freshly laundered bedding
A completed project
The discovery of something lost
Looking through photo albums

A day spent with a dear friend
The refreshing taste of spearmint toothpaste
Curling up in bed while the rain falls down outside
Listening to a beautiful piece of music or a favourite song
A returned smile from a passer-by

An hour spent in prayer and quiet contemplation
Watching the sun set
Beef stew and dumplings
A walk by the sea
Kissing in the snow or under the stars

Dancing in the arms of a loved one
The fresh smell after a heavy rainfall
Reading outside, bathed in autumn sunlight
Choosing and giving gifts to others
Knowing that I am so loved...


Anna said...

This was soooo lovely!
A fantastic bliss list!

Bethany Mason said...

Totally love this post - made me stop and think about everything that makes life precious.
ps - could you please make the font bigger in future as it's very hard to read now ~ thanks :)

Kess said...

I'm glad you both liked this post :) Sometimes I think it's the little things that really make my day.

Apologies for the tiny font. I normally write all my blogs on my laptop, but I posted the last two on my home pc and for some reason the font came out considerably smaller than usual even though I used the same size!