Sunday, 18 October 2009

Loved Ones

It has been amazing spending the weekend with my b-loved (one of darling Anna's wonderful expressions). I've spent the weekend surrounded by people I love. It's been nice having a social life for a change!

On Friday night we hit the town with a small group of friends. We drank pretty purple cocktails and danced the night away. I just about lost myself in Spud's eyes while we swayed together in time to the music. I think that was the first dance we've shared in the whole two years of our relationship...

Afterwards we crashed at my dearest friend's house as she lived nearby, but it was another hour or so before we made it to bed, where sleep and dreams awaited us. We sat in her living room, drinking tea and chatting with her and my other dearest friend who joined our party. By the time we went to bed, I'd been awake for 24 hours, having been up at 5 on Friday morning to commute!

The next day we watched Overboard and The Notebook - oh, that film makes me want to cry! I just love it! I hope Spud and I still love each other like that when we are old!

And then, today, we enjoyed lunch out at a pub overlooking the sea, in celebration of my brother Matt's 18th! My mother's side of the family came - or at least those who could make it - and there were 16 of us in all. It was a delight to see my cousin Leah, whom I haven't seen in at least three years!

Today was a significant date, too, as exactly a year ago my aunt and uncle (also in attendance) got married.


Anna said...

Are you sure we aren't related?
Overboard and The Notebook are two of my
very favourite films..!
I loved this post.
Almost felt as though I was there with you all.
Oh and Kess,
thanks for every mention you give me.
You are the sweetest soul.
And now,
deep in my heart.

Kess said...

You know, I am beginning to wonder...
You're most welcome, Anna!
Thank you for all the lovely comments you leave me. They always make my day!

Surge said...

I love big family get togethers.. there's always the really drunk ones haha
Or that might just be my family.

Kess said...

Lol. My family get togethers tend to be lacking in the alcohol department, but my parents are quite funny when they've had a couple of glasses of wine!

Thanks for stopping by! :)