Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Very Special Bond

Sometimes I wish I had grown up with a sister; someone I could share secrets with, swap clothes with, strike poses with...

Instead I grew up with two younger brothers, which on the whole, I love. I have the advantages of being the eldest and the only girl, meaning that I am in some ways special and unique to my parents. I quarrel with my brothers far less than they squabble with each other. I have grown to prefer my own company, mostly.

I know sometimes sisters do fight and argue, but I've also witnessed sisters who are best friends, and share a very special bond that only same-sex siblings seem to share. Sometimes I wish I had that.

To a certain extent I experience this when I hang out with two female cousins of a similar age to me. They are both sisters, and I used to wish I was their third sister. In fact, I think sometimes I still do. There was a point, when we were children, that we were all best friends, and although we have drifted with time, we are still fairly close when we spend time together. Last year at our uncle's wedding, the three of us shared a room, and spent the whole weekend together. We are all very into taking photographs, and so we went off and took it in turns to strike poses, all looking very glamorous in our wedding attire.

I also have two very special girlfriends whom I can confide in, in a way that I can confide in no other. And one of them is of a similar clothing size to me, so on a couple of occasions she has lent me a top for a night out, or passed onto me a garment that no longer fits her.

So in another sense, I get the best of both worlds. I have perhaps the best kind of sisters; ones whom I am under no obligation to argue with because as we are not living under the same roof, we have our own space. I think even if I was living with my girlfriends we would all get on like a house on fire.

And as I stated before, I like my home situation and wouldn't want it any other way. Just occasionally I will wonder what life might be like if I had a sister of a similar age, a friend and ally against 'the boys'.


Muffins said...

There really are some trade-offs in life. You may not have a sister, but you're lucky you have your cousins and your best friends. God has a reason for everything, so I guess it's part of the plan. Maybe you're just better off without a sister or something.

I have a sister, but I don't have cousins I could hang out with. Bummer.

Btw, nice blog. Following. :)

Muffins said...

Hi! Dropping by! And you're very much welcome. I find your blog really interesting. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your nice comments really made my day.

Have a nice day! :)