Wednesday, 2 September 2009

An Unknown Destination

Yesterday Spud and I went for a riverside walk. I hadn't initially recognised the name of the area we were visiting, but the moment we drove up the narrow road, lined with long grass that brushed the car as we passed, I was struck by a sense of familiarity, and the moment we pulled into the waterside car park, I laughed aloud and said 'I've been here before!' It was a place my family and I had visited while on holiday three years ago! I had always wondered if I would someday discover the place again.

We followed the boardwalk through a nature reserve, and I commented on features that I remembered from before, laughing when they materialised. We eventually reached a point where we could either continue straight on alongside the water, or we could turn left off the main path. Spud commented that he didn't know where that path, channeled by tall reeds, led. 'Let's find out,' I said, taking his hand.

I've always had a quiet longing for adventure. I remember once walking along the common back at home with my dad. We followed the path for ages, unsure of where it led, and only turned back because it was late in the day. I love the idea of pursuing an unknown destination and finding out where a path leads, even if I have some idea of where it will inevitably lead, like I did yesterday. I had a funny feeling that the path would digress a little, snaking in a loop before rejoining the main path again, which it did.

It can be daunting though, when you have no idea of where a path will lead, or if you have an inkling that it will lead you somewhere more sinister. On the whole, I like to know where I'm going in life. I like surprises too, but the future can be quite frightening when it remains hidden, beyond the horizon, providing you with no clue as to what it might hold.

At the moment I'm fairly secure about the future. Ever since meeting Spud I've had some idea of where I'm going. However, I don't really know what career I'd like to pursue beyond my degree and I can't really picture myself in any of the job options I've researched so far.

In that field, my destination may be unknown, but I have a good guide! I know God will provide me with just the right job, at just the right time, so there's no point in worrying about it. He hasn't yet revealed this to me, but now I'm ready to take His hand and say, 'Let's find out!'

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