Saturday, 5 September 2009

Switching Off

One of my quirks is that I rarely get bored. Even when I am in a situation where I have the potential to be bored (e.g. when Spud spends hours looking at old cars, one of the attractions of the steam rallies we attend; or if I am waiting in a long queue) I just allow myself to switch off, or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say I switch on my mind.

If I am in one of the aforementioned situations I find myself formulating an idea for a new novel, or a blog entry. A few weeks ago I made up an entire alphabet about marriage, while Spud was looking at some cars. Today, at an air show, I pondered over a couple of characters that sprang to mind a few days ago, and began to identify who they were, the very early workings of a new story.

Sometimes I will observe my surroundings, and take note of the little, everyday episodes taking place. I will listen to young children talking to their parents, watch an elderly man resting on a seat, or a dog pulling unrestrainedly on its lead. Today, I took in the way a crowd of children and parents interacted with a Punch and Judy show, laughing and some of the children cockily talking back to the puppeteer.

A lot of people complain that the four month summer holidays we receive at university are too long, but I always find too much to do for time to drag. I go out with Spud (or if we are apart, spend two hours a day talking on the phone), write, read, blog, work (at least for the part of the summer), see friends, go out with my family, knit, watch films... Really, I lead quite a busy lifestyle. I always have something on the go. In my opinion, there is too much to see and do to be bored.


Bethany Mason said...

I know what you mean but I often find I cannot start thinking specifically about plot and characters as I get distracted by what's around me. When I am bored and doing nothing, I am actually thinking, so I'm not necessarily bored - I know what I am doing and enjoying it but I'm also busy deciding what to do next.
As for the holidays being too long - I really thought they would be but have discovered that doing nothing is plenty to keep me going and wishing I had time to do more.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I think that this is a really good thing - and I am most certainly lost in situations from time to time when I could be bored but am making up blog posts. I carry around a notebook to log it all down!

I left you this comment on my missing stuff post, wasn't sure if you would see it:

@ Kess ~ OMG! I totally forgot about that option! That book weirded me out because I kept thinking about all the missing people in the world and if there are in a weird world - or like bemuda triangle? WTF is up with that? OMG You have freaked me out mentioning it again haha xxx