Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Setting Targets

Early this year, I managed to prove myself wrong. I once said that I couldn't run to save my life, but since January I have worked towards running up to about five miles. And I love it! There's something considerably more satisfactory about running, than there is in being cooped up in a gym. It's a great way of seeing the world.

While I am at Spud's, I am seizing the opportunity to explore his neighbourhood, and those surrounding. When we're out driving I find myself almost subconsciously planning new routes to try. With his help, I have a seven mile circuit planned to the river and back, which I am aiming to complete before I return home in two and a half week's time.

I won't succeed without training, and I am currently not in shape to run that distance. The last time I ran five miles was nearly a month ago, and since then I have been out just once, and ran about half the distance. I did run again today, having planned a four mile circuit, but I got slightly lost and had to backtrack instead. I was also running on an empty stomach, which is not a good idea, and consequently I just ran out of energy, and was forced to walk the last mile.

I was disappointed. I like to think my determination is one of my better traits, and unfortunately it was not enough to push myself the rest of the way. I reached a point where I physically could not go on. I have, however, revised the circuit online, and hope to give it another shot next time I run. Once I can run that comfortably, I will be ready to push myself a little further.

My ultimate target is to run my local half marathon with my dad next May, my last chance to run it before I leave home in June. This is a big step, and I intend to build up to it gradually. I have plans to run a local 10k run at the end of December, and hope to work my way upwards beyond that. I have no intention of running a marathon, though. I think a half marathon will be my limit!

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