Monday, 7 September 2009

Plodding Onwards

It's been almost a week since my last, 'disastrous' run, and I think, disheartened by my failure to complete the circuit previously, I have subconsciously been putting my second attempt off. It's not entirely my fault that I have left it nearly a whole week. For the last few days I have been out with Spud, and unfortunately arrived back too late to go out, but at the same time, on each occasion I have felt some level of relief at the prospect of postponing the run another day.

Today Spud and his father sorted out the garage, which provided me with an opportunity to go out running. I ate lunch, and planned to set out a couple of hours later, ensuring myself the time to digest my food. It may not be good to run on an empty stomach, but it certainly isn't good to run immediately after a meal! After lunch I lingered outside for a while, watching Spud and his father at work, while Billy followed them around, but nobody designated me a task, and there was nothing obvious to do, so I eventually retreated inside. If they needed me then I am certain they would have found me.

When I felt ready, I donned my running gear and set out. I spent most of my run praying and praising God, singing worship songs in my head. I don't think I've ever prayed while out on a run before, but it was a great opportunity. Little concentration is required whilst running, apart from when the course takes you across busy roads, so you can allow your mind to wander. Praying also distracted me from dwelling too long on the discomfort my legs and lungs were experiencing when I drew towards the end of the run.

This time I found my way, and didn't have to backtrack. Although it was heavy going at times, I never felt the exhaustion I felt last week, and had the strength to carry on and complete the run. Although the sun came out, the weather and temperature was just right. There was plenty of shade en-route as the circuit took me by some woodland. There was also a pleasing breeze which relieved me.

When I returned, Spud told me there was a bird trapped in the garage, and although the door was open at one end, and the window at another, it just couldn't seem to find its way out again. We crept inside at my suggestion, Spud leading the way. The bird was perched on the freezer, not far from the window. When we were close I clapped my hands sharply, causing both Spud and our poor unintentional captive to jump. The bird shifted uneasily, and we shuffled closer still. I clapped again and eventually it took to flight, fluttering against the window until it discovered the opening and flew away.

After a sluggish week I feel both physically and spiritually refreshed. I'm not entirely sure that I will meet my target - to run the 6-7 mile course I've devised - during this visit, but I will continue my training and hope to complete it someday!

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