Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Opposite Effect

Yesterday Spud and I were at the bus station, waiting for the coach to take us the 300 miles up to his. Because my parents were away the night before, we had to make our own way to the bus station, and as we arrived almost an hour early, we spent the time sitting in the waiting area.

While we were waiting, I became aware of cigarette smoke wafting into the room through the automatic doors. The room is located beside our required terminal, and nearby is a large sign saying something along the lines of 'smoking is not permitted on these premises'. Beside the sign stood a couple of women, one of which was smoking copiously, and clearly the source of the new aroma drifting into the room.

I commented on this to Spud, drawing his attention to the irony of the act. The woman was seemingly oblivious to the sign, or perhaps simply defying the law. She was there for a while, long enough for a bus driver to approach her, making his disgust known by giving her a hefty telling off! Shortly afterwards she stopped smoking and moved away from the sign. I think her coach was leaving by that point because I didn't see her again.

Just before our coach arrived, I was astounded to see a man approaching the sign and swiftly lighting up! I was rather amused that instead of deterring smokers, the sign appeared to be having the opposite effect! I don't know whether what transpired is a regular occurrence or simply an example of the ignorance of a few individuals.

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